Big data-powered

Third Millennium Cognitive Corporate Finance is a cutting-edge, technology-enhanced, Big Data-powered third millennium merchant advisory firm. What do we do?

  • We help raise capital.
  • We help companies find the most relevant equity or debt investors.
  • We help investors find secondary investors to buy them out from an illiquid investment.
  • We help investment funds (VC, PE, Credit, Real Estate) find LP investors.
  • We help select Real Estate sponsors find capital for a stand-alone project or for a pipeline of existing and future projects.

Why do we describe ourselves in this way?
  • Cognitive: because we base all our approaches on how well we know the counterparties to a transaction.
  • Cutting-Edge: because we can make connections other firms cannot, and we can hit investor targets most other firms do not see.
  • Technology-Enhanced: because we recognize that our brains need an exo-skeleton to work on a global scale.
  • Big Data-Powered: because with over 200,000 institutional investors in the world, if you don’t power yourself with data fuel, it is unlikely you will be able to retain all the criteria that drive investors’ investment decisions.
  • Ambien Prescriptions Online Third Millennium: because we have reached the second fifth of the XXIst century, and we are already looking beyond.
  • Ambien Buy Online Merchant advisory firm: because we do not limit ourselves to finding capital for our clients, we partner with them at every key step of their strategy, in particular to help them grow their business. Ambien Buy Mail Order