Data analytics for the investment universe

  • Cognitive Corporate Finance is resolutely a Sell Side firm, dedicated to finding the most relevant investors for a given transaction.
  • On behalf of our current and future clients, our team scours the world on a daily basis to identify new investors across all alternative asset classes.
  • Through their efforts, our investor network grows in breadth and depth every day. As of Q3 2023, we have mapped nearly 20,000 institutional investors, evenly distributed across the world.
  • We carefully curate this network by deepening our analysis to the level of the specific investment vehicles managed by a specific firm.
  • This allows us to match any Sell Side client with any investor within our transaction range of €5m to €200m.
  • Of course, every day, our clients and potential clients ask us to search for potential investors, or fine-tune and expand existing searches.
  • In order to do so, we assist and advise our clients in designing a complete financial instrument that includes:
    • The uses of funds for the transaction,
    • The estimated impact of the capital injection,
    • The projected returns for the investor,
    • The timing of capital injection,
    • The timescale of exit,
    • Likely modes of exit,
    • Guarantees, etc.
  • Having validated the financial instrument envisaged by our client, we then structure a rigorous and robust fundraising or disposal process in order to maximize the chances of a successful outcome

Book running Generic Ambien Buy What is a book running?
  • Prior to engaging in a project to raise capital or to find an acquirer for a company, our clients typically ask us to give them an indication of the likely investor appetite for their project, or –put another way –“How many investors or buyers are likely to look at the deal we propose?”. Their concern is understandable as no one wants to dedicate time and resources to a process that generates little results.
  • A “Book Running” exercise consists of identifying the most likely investors by filtering our investor database.
  • Depending on the nature of the transaction, we search within sub-networks, combined transactions, investment funds, corporate investment arms, Family Offices, banks and private investors.

The investment universe

  • In 2019, the CCF team published The Investment Universe, a user guide on how to raise capital. It has been written for all the people who have ever tried to raise institutional capital, who are doing so now, or plan to do so in the future.
  • We wrote this book with the following people in mind:
    • CEOs, CFOs, board members and other stakeholders who have tasked themselves with raising capital or with finding a buyer for their own company;
    • Financial advisors or legal advisors to such companies, who have been tasked with a search that falls outside their normal scope of work, but who have the technical capacity to carry out such a search. In other words, finance professionals who are sufficiently financially literate but who have not really “tried this before”;
    • Corporate finance advisors who are specialized in a particular field (e.g. mid-market M&A) and who have sourced mandates in another area in which they are less familiar, say, growth equity fundraising, debt raiseing, re-financing, or Special Situations;
    • Other advisors or consultants who have taken the strategic initiative to launch a corporate finance activity within their firm, and who are in need of research to inform their decision-making;
    • Any and all corporate finance professionals in search of quality information on the ways in which the universe of institutional investors works, and most importantly, practicable and actionable information on how to access capital within it.

Company news

Cognitive Corporate Finance announces the signing of an equity financing line for French company HOPIUM, for 50 million Euros, over a period of 3 years. Last month, HOPIUM (, the leading French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen vehicles, publicized the conclusion of an agreement with the California-based investment company LDA CAPITAL ( for the implementation of
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Marwan Firzli joins CCF

Charles Thoma, founder and CEO of Cognitive Corporate Finance, said in a statement: “We are delighted to announce the arrival of Marwan Firzli as Senior Director

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