CCF advises Insulcloud on successful €4m series a round

Madrid, May 4th , 2022 – Insulcloud, an Innovative SME certified company that has developed the world’s first device that improves the quality of life of people with diabetes and their families, thanks to the real-time monitoring of the use of disposable insulin pens, has closed a financing round of 4 million euros.

The financing round was led by one of the world’s leading diabetes companies, as well as a key player for the company’s goals. This milestone is a great boost for the Spanish company’s 360 technology, as it facilitates its goal of providing, in real time, all the fundamental information needed for the daily control of people with diabetes. For example, blood glucose levels, insulin injected, physical activity or intake, which is automatically provided to each patient’s medical record.

Insulcloud is the first company in the world to develop a device compatible with disposable insulin pens to monitor their use and avoid potential risks. In addition, the company has launched a platform that allows different Health Management
Systems to monitor patients with diabetes in real time. “We are creating a future,” says José Luis López, CEO and founder of the company, “in which all relevant data on diabetes monitoring and control are directly and automatically stored in the patient’s own medical records. Technologically this is already possible and now is the time to push it forward”.