Lines of Business

Cognitive Corporate Finance is structured around five main lines of business, each with its own methodologies, network of relevant investors and points of contact, and service proposition.

Although each line of business has its own dynamics, they frequently blend into each other, as we can – for example – be appointed both to fundraise for a fund, as well as for a portfolio company, or to find both primary and secondary investors at the point of a capital raise.

Similarly, we can also be appointed by a company to raise capital, as well as to find new clients or strategic partners. It is our ability to interact at the highest levels and with the most relevant interlocutors that sets us apart from the rest.

Corporate finance & primaries

Find equity or debt capital for your business.

CCF advises companies and ventures in raising primary capital that enters the balance sheet and allows the business to grow and/or transform itself. This can take the form of equity, debt, hybrid capital, or whatever structure makes most sense for the transaction at hand. In addition, the firm also advises companies on external growth exercises, as well as business cases for growth initiatives. Examples of services include:
  • Primary fundraises,
  • Financing and re-financings,
  • Disposals & Spin-offs,
  • Acquisitions,
  • Investment cases,
  • Other financial events.

Geographies: worldwide


Exits from equity or debt positions in private businesses or funds.

CCF advises shareholders in private companies or ventures or investment vehicles in finding an exit, through the identification of secondary buyers who will take over their position in the company or the fund. Examples of services include:

  • Disposal of a shareholding in a portfolio company or direct investment,
  • Disposal of a Limited Partnership (LP) interest in an investment fund,
  • Portfolio disposals and portfolio design,
  • Identifying co-investors for specific transactions.

Geographies: Europe, North America, Asia

Strategic partnerships

Find clients and strategic partners to grow your company.

CCF advises companies in identifying new potential clients, thereby allowing our client to grow turnover and increase its top line. CCF also advises its clients in finding new strategic partners that allow for an enhanced competitive position in its chosen markets. 

Examples of services include:

  • Penetrating key accounts at board or C-suite levels,
  • Negotiating long term strategic partnerships,
  • Structuring complex contracts.

Geographies: worldwide

Investment funds

Find discretionary capital for your fund or investment vehicle.

CCF acts as placement agent to find discretionary capital for General Partners who look to raise the next iteration of their current investment fund. We work with GPs with a compelling story and track record in their sector to find new LPs to complete their fund allocations.
Examples of services include:
  • Fundraising and private placements,
  • Advisory services to investment funds,
  • Secondaries and liquidations.

Geographies: worldwide

Real estate

Find equity or debt capital for your Real Estate projects or assets

CCF provides advisory services for large Real Estate transactions linked to Core and Core+ assets in the preferred sectors of Offices and Logistics. Other sectors can be considered according to the attractiveness of the underlying assets. 

Examples of services include: 

  • Single asset disposals,
  • Financings & re-financings,
  • Portfolio disposals and financings.

Geographies: Iberia, Europe