• It is estimated there are approximately 2,000,000 institutional investors worldwide, each of whom has a razor-sharp investment strategy.
  • Cognitive is in contact with around 20,000 of these financial and industrial investors and we grow our network on a continuous basis.
  • To the extent that we are primarily Sell Side advisers, we dedicate significant time, resources and technology to understanding these investors’ detailed investment specifications.
  • The building blocks of our competitive advantage lie in the “heavy lifting” we do every day to map the investment universe as accurately as possible.
  • Our key goal is to be as accurate as possible when presenting an investment opportunity to the market  on behalf of one of our clients. Personal contact

Whom do we know? Putting it all together…

What is the indicative 

investment appetite

for the transaction

proposed by our client? Geographic remit

Where do/can

these investors

deploy their funds?

Zolpidem Tartrate Purchase Sector preference

Which sectors and sub-sectors do

these investors target?

Purchase Ambien Transaction type

How do these investors

deploy their money?

Transaction ticket

What is the

minimum/maximum transaction

these investors will consider?


Ambien Online Usa North America

9,700 investors Latin America

1,500 investors Asia-Pacific

5,400 investors

  •  The map shows the number of investors per region of interest mapped by CCF to date: investment funds, corporate M&A departments, Family Offices, Funds of Funds, etc.  We are also able to pinpoint the exact countries where each investor seeks to deploy their capital.
  • Our detailed understanding of each investor’s geography of interest allows us to optimize the closure of a deal as the opportunity will only be presented to investors with a matching geography of interest, thereby increasing the probability of success.
  • Due to continuous research and contacts, CCF’s network grows a little every week.


  • CCF researches the amount of capital an institutional investor puts to work, which is usually a direct function of its Assets Under Management, and its need for diversification.
  • Due to lack of detailed numbers on specific investment tickets, CCF segments investors into five categories of investment tickets: Micro (up to €1m), Small (€1m to €10m), Medium (€10m to €50m), Large (€50m to €200m) and Macro (above €200m)
  • The table below shows the distribution of investment tickets of the investors in our database:

Ambien Online Buy Up to €1m


€1m to €10m


€10m to 50€

  • Fund management teams and corporate investors focus on the regions and sectors they know, or that are within their zone of comfort.
  • They are either unlikely to invest outside of these criteria or, often, prohibited from doing so by their investment statutes.
  • Within the sectors highlighted below, CCF is also able to pinpoint the particular sub-sector focus of each investor within its network. Ex. Fintech vs Ecommerce, Solar vs Wind, etc.
Sectors vs. RegionsEurope North America Latin AmericaAPAC Africa
Information technology13621243409711416
Cleantech & Renewables1069837358570403
Healthcare & Life Sciences11061065343578346
Natural Resources719585265370292
Media & Content889701271433288
Real Estate487312175226140
Business Services9491093280450284
Retail & FMCG1048951300491328
Agriculture & Food790613292428359
Tourism & Leisure700505223333244
Education Services780620258410292
Financials & Financial Services814732295465332
Construction & Development573416210290247

Data analytics

  • Our team scours the world on a daily basis to identify new investors across all asset classes, thereby contributing to the steady growth of our investor network.
  • Every day, our clients and potential clients ask us to search (or to fine-tune searches) for potential investors.
  • Beyond the previously mentioned criteria (geography, sector etc.), we also take into consideration the following to identify the most relevant investors for our clients: Uses of Funds, estimated impact of capital injection, projected returns for the investor, timing of capital injection, timescale of exit, likely modes of exit, guarantees, etc.
  • For clients with a clear and documented financial instrument to propose to the market, and by leveraging off data-mining capabilities, we structure and manage the full fundraising process.
  • On the right, we demonstrate the contents of a “book-running” or a typical investor search. Book running

  • List of investors
  • Name of specific fund or company
  • Location
  • Investment strategy
  • Investment sector
  • Relevance to opportunity
  • Contacts
  • Transaction history
  • Responsiveness
  • Etc.